Friday, July 27, 2007

Thoppigala Victory (PDF)

I received a PDF file (has 37 pages) compiled by Lake House for Dinamina newspaper (2007/07/16) on the great historical victory of Thoppigala and the whole Eastern Province by Sri Lankan forces on 11th of July, 2007.

Click here to download it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sri Lankan Fighter Helicopters

I received some cool photographs of Sri Lanka Air Force's Fighter Helicopters. These are taken by Suresh A. Atapattu.

Some of these have recognizable backgrounds, some heritage sites in Sri Lanka, like Sigiriya and Mihinthale.

Here I'm putting only one photo. To view full set of photos, follow this link or click the album thumbnail in the right hand side of this blog. Both ways, direct you to my Picasa public album where I put them.

Go to Sri Lankan Fighter Helicopters Album

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Wikipedia Tracker #002

More EDITS on the first day. This time in Sinhala section.

මෙහි විනය පිටකය සහ අභිධර්ම පිටකයට අදාල උප මාතෘකා එක් කළා. ඒවා සොය‍ගෙත්තේ වියුණු අඩවියෙන්. මෙතෙක් තිබුනේ සූත්‍ර පිටකයේ උප මාතෘකා පමණයි.

My Wikipedia Tracker #001

From here onwards I will record all my Wikipedia activities in my blog. This may keep track of all the NEW PAGES and EDITS I do on Wikipedia in both Sinhala and English sections.

Here's my Wikipedia tracker starts...

Added Nalanda and Ananda in school names list using maroon colour.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

පෙරදිග නව හිරු කිරණ...

විරුවණි නුඹලායි
දේශයේ මුර දෙවතාවන්
සිව්කොන මහ වැට බඳිනා...

තම දිවි දෙවැනි කොට
දිනූ දේශය රත් ලෙයින් පුදනට
ඔද තෙදින් නැගී සිටිනා
දුටුගැමුණු පරපුරේ

කෙතෙක් නම් මලින් පිදුවත්
කෙසේ නම් අප ණය ගෙවන්නද
රටම පුබුදුවන ඒ හිරු කිරණට...
නුඹ නිසා පායන අළුත් හිරු පෙරදිග...

"මගේ දේශය - මගේ ජාතිය - මගේ ආගම
මට ලබා දුන් ත්‍යාගයයි...
චණ්ඩ මාරුතයේ...
නොසෙල්වෙන චින්තනය

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Spread Sinhala Unicode Group" banners

These are the "Spread Sinhala Unicode Group" banners I created for Sinhala Unicode Group in Google Groups.

Anyone may use these banners in there websites or in blogs, to promote and support Sinhala Unicode Group.

Copy the following HTML code and place in proper place in your website or blog.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Buddhist

On the 2315th anniversary of Buddhism's arrival on the island, Sri Lanka's first 24 hour television channel on Buddhism (and possibly the first in the world), The Buddhist, was inaugurated here on Friday (Day before Pson Poya day) by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The Buddhist will begin its broadcasts in Sinhala, Tamil and English, but will soon have services in French and other international languages too.

Ironically the financier of this private channel is a Tamil Hindu, Muhundan Canagey, though the prime movers are a Colombo-based Buddhist NGO (Including Sambodhi Viharaya in Colombo 7) and some Sinhala entrepreneurs. The satellite is arranged by Dialog Telekom, a joint venture with Telecom Malaysia.