Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Announcement] Drummer Wanted!

The Colombo based extreme metal band Aural Discord is looking for a competent drummer to join their ranks of purely music-oriented and open minded individuals.

Aural Discord are not confined to a genre, but play everything from thrash through melo-death to out-and-out death metal and are open to, and welcome, experimentation. They've been jamming together for over an year now and have quite a few original compositions they're looking to record.

We have our own place (Nightmare Studios) for practicing.

Aural Discord names a few of their influences as
In Flames
The Absence
Nevermore etc.

If you are a drummer or if you know a drummer who'll be interested, drop a comment here, or give Suran a ring on 0775487108, and they'll put you in touch with some of their work.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

පංති පේළිය

මහ ඝෝෂාව
උඩ පංතියෙ උන්
සිරික්කියෙ දෝංකාරය
පංති පේළියම දෙවනත් කරගෙන...
බාල් නැටුමකට
සැරසෙන හැටි
හොඳම පංතියලු!

මහා ඝෝෂාව
යට පංතියෙ උන්
ගෝරණාඩුව ගිගුම් දෙයි
පංති පේළියම දෙවනත් කරගෙන...
ඒ අස්සෙන්
එපා කරපු පංතියලු!

හූල්ලමින් සුසුම්ලමින්
අතරමැද අතරමංව...