Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sinhala Firefox 3 Success Story

As a nation we are very happy to see Sinhala Unicode is spreading & people making use of it. Thanks to the Sinhala Unicode, now Sri Lankans can access web using a Sinhala web browser, that’s one & only Sinhala Firefox.

In this success story, only one man was there behind the scene. His name is Danishka Navin. Personally I know how he worked day & night for on behalf of all Sri Lankans who are willing to access web in their own mother tongue.

But after seeing those articles & news, I realize that ICTA is trying to get the credit of doing this along with University of Moratuwa & Danishka is totally thrown away.

We should appreciate Danishka for this invaluable work & if he wasn’t here there won’t be any Sinhala Firefox.

So Danishka this is my appreciation for the tremendous work you did for the NATION!

PS: Special thanks to Chamara, who gave me rights to publish his post in my blog. :)

Here's Malinthe's blog post on the same matter.

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