Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Trip to Dambulla

In the Vesak holidays me & family went on a trip to Dambulla. On the way we visited "Athkanda Viharaya Temple" in Kurunagala.

The Athkanda Vihara Sthupa

Wooden Pillar - Carved Traditional Sinhala Art Design "Athkanda Lihiniya"

Guard statue (Doratupaala Roopaya)

You can find this Buddha Statue on top of the rock mountain called “Athagala” in Kurunagala.

We also visited Avukana which is bit away from Dambulla.

These are some “Stone printed” ancient BRAHMEEYA letters, can be found near Avukana Buddha Statue.

(Of course this post doesn't contain any of Dambulla photos, bcos I never use my Mobile Phone to capture them. The Photos we took are safely in albums. ;)

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