Monday, June 19, 2006

Sports Achcharu!

The talented Mr Dhoni - the cricketer plays football with a volleyball as India take time out in St Kitts, in West Indies.

© AFP / Cricinfo

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home 2

These are somw photos taken at the "Uluwahu thabeeme uthsawaya" at our new house premises held on 8th June 2006.

Nakatha was at 6.58am

"Uluwahu paneeme nakatha" was at 7.18am.

"Yata leeya thabeeme nakatha" was at 11.??am. (I can't remember)

Trip to Dambulla

In the Vesak holidays me & family went on a trip to Dambulla. On the way we visited "Athkanda Viharaya Temple" in Kurunagala.

The Athkanda Vihara Sthupa

Wooden Pillar - Carved Traditional Sinhala Art Design "Athkanda Lihiniya"

Guard statue (Doratupaala Roopaya)

You can find this Buddha Statue on top of the rock mountain called “Athagala” in Kurunagala.

We also visited Avukana which is bit away from Dambulla.

These are some “Stone printed” ancient BRAHMEEYA letters, can be found near Avukana Buddha Statue.

(Of course this post doesn't contain any of Dambulla photos, bcos I never use my Mobile Phone to capture them. The Photos we took are safely in albums. ;)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vesak Festival 2550

In the period of "Vesak Poya 2550" in this year, we went to see the "Vesak Kalaapaya" at NORMADS GROUNDS in Colombo, which was media sponsored by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (which is also known as the "National Television".

Here are two pics of the pandol (Thorana) displaying at the premises. This "Thorana" was displaying (also people were acting in some parts of the pandol) "Siri Daladawatha" story (The story of the Tooth Relic) like a drama, which was attracted by all the people who were there and as well as who watched it on tv.

Super Man Returns

While I was traveling by a "tuk tuk" in Colombo, I saw this vehicle passing by, which owns by a man called himself "THE SUPER MAN" in Sri Lanka. The reason why he calls himself, because he has traveled around the world in his life time, been to 180+ countries.

The best part is, he has a great collection of souvenirs, and guess where he's keeping them ??? Some are all around his body, some are in his fancy Tata cab, and all others are in his house (he calls it some name which I can't remember right now) which is also a fancy, strange place.

Here are 2 photos I coul captue with my "Sony Erricson K300i" mobile. :)