Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Transformed - Twice

I got the wonderful opportunity to watch Transformers twice, at the Majestic Cinema (Colombo, Sri Lanka) on 19th and 24th of this month. Firstly with my father and sis and then with my colleagues at WaveNet.

You may wonder why twice...? My simple answer is, b'cos it's that much awesome to watch again and again...

Michael Bay, the director, is the most favorite among most of movie fans around the globe. Of course it has the touch of the magician, who's my all time favorite director, Steven Spielberg, who executive produced Transformers.

The good news is Transformers II & III are on the way...

Here's a good quality trailer of the movie... scroll down for the link to download it and more...

Theme song - Linkin Park-What I've Done:

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Movie Poster:

Trailer: Click here

Extra! Extra!! Extra!!!
Transformers Cartoon:

Optimus Prime vs Megatron (Cartoon):

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  1. transformer balanna MC ekata salli denne mokatada ape gewal patthe thiyanawa nikan ona tharan paya ganak balanna puluwan.mama balala athi ihe kes ganata