Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Unleash Their Pack of "Stuff"

Google's newest release is Google Pack (Beta). Which is a pack of free software, developed by themselves and many others.

It takes only seconds to download the installation file, but takes hours to download & install. :)

But Cool Stuff....
Google Earth
Google Desktop
Google Toolbar for IE
Google Pack Screensaver
Google Talk
Mozilla Firefox with Google toolbar
Ad-Aware SE Personal
Norton AniVirus 2005 SE
Adobe Reader 7
GalleryPlayer HD Images
Trillion [My favourite IM :)]

No RSS in Asian Tribune site... :(

I can't suscribe "Asian Tribune" news to my Google Reader, cos Asian Tribune is not RSS powered. Hope they'll work on that and make it happen... Thats too bad for themselves, bcos if so, many viewers can reach their news, through other sites, such as Google News and Google Reader.

Asian Tribune
Go to Google Reader
Go to Google News

Google Maps Test failed...!

That experiment is not usable with Blogger, cos i cant edit a post in HTML to put-in the API. :(

Monday, January 02, 2006